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>> About CMD Shocks:
By Meghan Diemel - All The Dirt! Racing News

CMD Shocks provides clientele with a wealth of knowledge and information concerning shock tuning. But, owner Chris Mars doesn't stop there for his clients - he helps them understand how their shock packages work with the rest of their race cars, no matter the chassis brand, for better handling and performance from the race car.

Chris Mars started the business in 2003 in an effort to provide Mars Racing clientele with a quality, in-house shock service. The business has now evolved to provide shock packages and tech support for any class and in any chassis. Those brands serviced include Integra, Penske, Ohlins, and QA1.

"Any racer can be part of our shock program," stressed Chris. "We are a complete shock center for Integra; not only are we a dealer of new Integra shocks and have used shocks on hand, but I work hand-in-hand with the development of Integra's shocks."

CMD Race Shocks, in complement to the Mars Race Cars and MB Customs brand, has a proven track record of success, dominated by several seasons of 400-plus wins. The big wins and titles achieved in 2019 on shock programs from CMD for Modifieds and Late Models included Rodney Sanders' USMTS National Championship, his sweep of the three regional championships in USMTS, and his USMTS Hunt for the Casey's Cup championship. Open Late Model competition wins were achieved by national travelers like Billy Drake and Jason Feger.

Chad Becker, a CMD client, captured the WISSOTA National Championship on the back of 23 feature wins, following his back-to-back runner-up finishes in 2017 and 2018. Cole Searing, in his first full year in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, garnered the WISSOTA National Championship as well, driving to 28 wins. Ward Imrie backed up last year's national WISSOTA title with a runner-up finish in the WISSOTA Modified National Championship standings and 14 wins, while Nick Anvelink won his third-straight Dirt Kings Tour Championship following his 12-win season. AJ Diemel was also a tour series winner with a shock package from CMD, taking home his first WISSOTA Challenge Series title in 2019.

Jesse Glenz was another CMD client who had a terrific 2019 season, catapulting himself to nine feature victories, including the Legendary 100, the Punky Manor Challenge of Champions and the Red Clay Classic.

Shane Halopka, in his first year with an MB Customs chassis and CMD Shock package combo, drove to 14 wins and a third-place finish in WISSOTA national standings.

Drivers with shocks from CMD also won many landmark races, like the Silver 1000 (Ashley Anderson), the Nationals and Masters programs at Cedar Lake (John Kaanta, Jimmy Mars), the Battle Border and Northern Nationals (Darrell Nelson), the Mahder 55 Memorial (Jimmy Mars), the John Seitz Memorial (Aaron Turnbull), the MTS Mod Nationals (Jake Timm), the Harvest Cup (Justin Oestreich), and many, many others.

Adam Prieve's 2019 National Championship season in the WISSOTA Mod Fours is proof-positive you don't need an MB Customs to benefit from the program at CMD Shocks. With 25 feature wins, Prieve was able to garner his first national championship.

"My first year with CMD Shocks has been great!" said Prieve. "I've been very impressed by the performance of both shock packages that I ran this season, and the tech support has been phenomenal. I'm very happy, and looking forward to year two."

Scott Anderson had a similar experience driving his GRT from CRC with shocks from CMD. Anderson had seven wins on the year, picked up the $1000-to-win WISSOTA Midwest Mod special at Black Hills Speedway, and was grateful for the customer service the staff at CMD provided throughout the season.

"I consider [CMD] more than a small part [of the operation]!" said Anderson. ... "Not only do [they] provide a superior product, but the ability to discuss what I'm feeling/experiencing with the car is a huge part in trying to make it go fast on different tracks and conditions. The fact that we were able to win on big, fast tracks, as well as small, slick tracks and everything in between, against the best in the business - I can't ask for more than that, for a sort-of part-time operation."

The number of racers who use CMD Shocks, but do not have a race car from Mars Racing, has grown nationwide. Other drivers having successful seasons included California residents Justin Crockett and Danny Lauer, as well as Iowan Sam Halstead and Illinois Modified driver Charlie Hess.

In total, CMD Shocks were part of more than 450 wins nationwide.

"We congratulate all of our clients across the United States, from UMP, USMTS, USRA, IMCA and of course, WISSOTA sanctioning bodies, on their great seasons in 2019," said Mars.

CMD is a state-of-the-art service facility featuring Roehrig Shock and Spring Dynamometers, as well as an Accu-Force Spring Smasher and Wehrs Ultra Force machine for pull bar testing.

Along with his staff member Mark Gerth, a former racer himself, Chris also specializes in custom valving shocks to help you win on any track condition - whether it is wet and tacky, a dry slick or somewhere in-between. The team will also revalve or repair your existing shocks. CMD trackside service is also present for many of the larger specials throughout the year.

Chris has years of shock and suspension experience and development he garnered as the highly regarded and respected crew chief for his brother Jimmy; combined with his drive to stay at the forefront of shock innovation and technology, CMD clientele are ensured their race programs will also be on the cutting-edge of the advancements in racing.

"In the last decade successful shock programs have become such an integral part of each racer's overall racing success; CMD Shocks is committed to help their clients integrate a setup that works for them and their chassis, whatever brand it may be, to get them to victory lane," said Chris.

When a racer buys either a set a new shocks or comes to CMD Shocks for a rebuild, it becomes about more than just the shock package they're on, he furthered.

"We share our knowledge about more than just the shocks; we advise on setups, chassis issues, and driving style," he said. "All those components need to work together to achieve success - and that's what we are here for. When all of that is working together, it puts the fun back into the racing. Not only can we help your car handle better, but if you're a hobby racer, this can help narrow the gap to the top runners in your class."

So, by making that one phone call for new shocks or a shock rebuild, you become more than a number - you're welcomed into the team and have access to the know-how that exists at Mars Race Cars.

CMD has unprecedented same-day turnaround for shock service during the racing season, which is so crucial for any racer, whether on a touring series or shooting for that weekly track championship. CMD ships Speedee and UPS daily; they accept all major credit cards.

CMD Shocks is located at N5471 648th Street, Menomonie, WI 54751. You can reach Chris by phone at (715) 235-4950 or (715) 308-1653, Mark by (715) 308-3340, by fax at (715) 235-4951 or via email at

"A car that handles well makes racing fun again, no matter what experience level, from novice to professional traveler," added Mars. "If you want to get excited about racing again - regardless of the class, chassis or sanctioning body you run - give me a call."


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