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By Meghan Diemel - All The Dirt! Racing News

It was a "pinch yourself" kind of year for drivers behind the wheel of the MB Customs brand during the 2019 season!

"In 2019, our clients made it to victory lane more than 450 times, topping last year's win total by more than 100," said Jimmy Mars. "We've been part of another year of double-digit championships, and drivers in MB Customs secured many major regional touring title in Mods and Late Models. It feels good to not only see them have so much success and be part of their winning program, but to also have their trust."

Rodney Sanders, this year's USMTS National Champion, has been in an MB Customs Modified since the brand's inception. He drove to 20 wins in his No. 20 MB Customs during his historic 2019 season, then began 2020 by knocking off a sweep of action at Vado Speedway Park and collecting a win during the Wild West Shootout.

"What more can you say about Rodney?" remarked Jimmy. "He's now a three-time USMTS Champion, he swept the USMTS regional championships, and he won the USMTS Hunt for the Casey's Cup in 2019. We're extremely proud to say his history-making run this season came behind the wheel of an MB Customs, as did his previous two championships."

"I've been with the guys at Mars Race Cars for several years," reflected Sanders. "The quality is top notch and the customer service is second to none."

On the Late Model side, Cade Dillard chose the MB Customs brand for his 2019 World of Outlaw Rookie-of-the-Year campaign. Driving against the best of the best in open Late Model racing, Dillard finished an impressive seventh overall in the final point standings. The double-duty driver then capped off his eight-win season with a $20,000 victory in his MB Modified at Vado Speedway Park in New Mexico. This, on the heels of Late Model wins in Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and Wisconsin in 2019. He then began 2020 with a huge win - his first-ever World of Outlaws Late Model Series victory, which came at Vado Speedway Park.

Dillard has said in the past he doesn't know how he ever competed against the MB brand before getting both Modifieds and Late Models himself from the Mars crew.

"Having an MB Customs has been a huge part of my team's success over the years," said Dillard. "Their technical support has been a big help to my learning curve from Modifieds to Late Models. Everyone in the shop has been extremely willing to assist me in anything I need with either of my cars. The quality of their cars is top notch, as well as the support that goes with them."

The other major achievements drivers accomplished in 2019 behind their MB Customs, across all sanctioning bodies, included: WISSOTA Late Model National Championship (Chad Becker); WISSOTA Midwest Modified National Champion (Cole Searing); WISSOTA Late Model Challenge Series (AJ Diemel); NLRA Championship (Brad Seng); WISSOTA Midwest Modified Rookie of the Year (Bailey Cousins); Dirt Kings Tour (Nick Anvelink); Wild West Shootout Championships (Darrell Nelson, Cole Searing); 3 of the top 5 in the final USRA national standings (Dustin Sorenson: 2nd; Dennis Elliott: 3rd; and Josh Angst: 5th); runner-up in the Malvern Bank Super Late Model Series (Ben Schaller); champion of the LA (Louisiana) Late Model Series (Robbie Stuart); and runner-up in the Tri State Late Model points (Nate Beyenhof).

That doesn't include the numerous track and season championships taken by MB Customs drivers across the nation, or the really special first-ever wins, and a ton of the big end-of-year specials. In short, the guys at the Mars Race Cars shop were wowed by the high level of success their clients had this past season.

"We can't say enough about how proud we feel to see drivers in our chassis excel like they did this year," said Jimmy.

"From national championships, to regional tour titles, track championships and so many huge specials - it really is a great feeling to know drivers are being rewarded for their hard work," Chris stated.

>> Chassis for Every Budget
You don't need to be a three-time USMTS Mod Champion like Sanders, or a national touring Late Model driver like Dillard, to achieve success in a race car from Mars Race Cars. Every racer has a different budget to work with, and no matter where the driver wants to enter racing - be it in a used Midwest Mod or a brand-new Late Model - the Mars brothers and Diemel are there to help guide them in their decision and the season that follows. Michael Truscott, who was behind the wheel of a used Modified for 2019, picked off eights wins across three sanctioning bodies, the NASCAR championship at SK Speedway, and a track championship at Eagle Valley Speedway - all in just his first year in the chassis brand.

Truscott says it's been a great experience buying a car and working with everyone at Mars Race Cars throughout the summer.

"All of the guys at MB made sure that I was going to hit the track with everything on the car in perfect order," Truscott said. "The car was capable of running up front with a chance to win all season. The knowledge and input I received throughout the season was second to none and surely helped for a very successful season, running with some of the best in Modified racing!"

Technical support is available throughout the season - it's part of the investment when you buy a chassis from Mars Race Cars.

"Whether it's a local, regional or national racer, if you have questions or need assistance with your car from us, you're going to speak to me, AJ, or Chris," explained Jimmy.

Since 1985, Mars Race Cars has helped their clients achieve great things because of the specialized, one-on-one attention they provide, like they did for Truscott, which sets them apart from the competition. Part of that recipe is the ability to provide quick turnaround time as well, thanks to the competent and determined staff at Mars Race Cars.

>> Victories Across All Sanctioning Bodies
The MB Customs brand has been driven to numerous Crown Jewel wins in Lucas Oil and World Outlaws since 2008, as well as the USMTS, and multiple National Championships across sanctioning bodies. There have also been many landmark regional wins, track championships and year-end specials.

"We're not just for USMTS Modified drivers, or WISSOTA Late Model drivers," explained Jimmy. "Our Modifieds and Mid Mods/B Mods have won in WISSOTA, UMP, IMCA and the USMTS/USRA sanctioning bodies since the beginning. This year we had track champs in every sanctioning body, including IMCA. Our Late Models, a mainstay in victory lane in WISSOTA weekly action, have also made it into victory lane in UMP and other open Late Model sanctioning bodies this past season thanks to Kent Robinson, Billy Drake, Cade Dillard, Jason Feger, and Robbie Stuart."

"Even if there isn't a sanctioning body rule package to follow, we can help you navigate the specs of what's needed," added Diemel. "We started 2019 off in January with Darrell Nelson and Cole Searing picking up the Wild West Shootout titles in Arizona - a series which, for the most part, followed USRA-style rules. Searing then came back to WISSOTA and collected the National Championship with that same car."

"You let us know your intentions for your race schedule and we'll be here to ensure your car is not only built to the correct specifications, but is also the best of the best - wherever you race," added Chris.

>> The Future for MB Customs Pilots with Mars Race Cars
Each season, the entire shop at Mars Race Cars is involved in trying to up their game for the following's season's line of MB Customs.

"There is no off-season now; we continue fine-tuning and testing throughout the winter, wherever our clients are racing," explained Jimmy. "We're working with them to make sure we're making the adjustments necessary to get them into victory lane - ahead of their competition."

"That benefits every racer," added Diemel, "even if your season doesn't start until May and you race one night a week. The time we put in the shop and across the nation in the winter months is a huge asset to everyone."

"This year in particular was a real banner year, as I mentioned - but we don't rest on that," furthered Jimmy. "We know how many great chassis builders there are in the Mods and Late Models, and they keep us on our toes as well. Much like our clients experienced in 2019, those chassis companies have been part of national championships in WISSOTA, in USRA, and in several national touring Late Model series. It's a great time for dirt track drivers as a whole. But, that means we keep pushing the expectations we have for the MB brand higher and higher. This not only creates better opportunities for our personal racing programs, but more importantly, our clients can rest assured everything is being done to take their racing programs to the next level."


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